We do not allow any processes, that require system resources excessively enough to hamper services of other users on the shared servers.
Since there are other users on a shard server, there is a limit to how much of the CPU, memory, disk I/O, disk space and database can be used by each user. Any application or usage(for example bulk/unsolicited mailing, cron jobs and the like) which eats up resources and negatively affects the server performance for other accounts is considered resource abuse. Any account found to be abusing the resources is liable to be suspended by E2WebHosts under our Zer-tolerance policy to resource abuse. E2WebHosts reserves the sole discretion to decide when a resource usage is termed abuse.

The sole purpose of the above is to to not compromise the server performance and provide reliable, fast services to all our clients.

In case you wish to run resource intensive applications, we would suggest you to go in for a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

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